Why Work Interferes with Relationships

The incompatibility of love and work is usually a problem. After all, if serious relationships are planned in life, this implies the creation of a family. And this step leads to responsibility and duties, many of which fall on women’s shoulders. In modern society, it has become a tendency to strive for a career. But how does this affect relationships?

We need to devote much time to the job, stay until late, go to work on weekends, even take part of the work to finish at home in the evening, which often leads to breakup in the relationships and inability to build a happy family in the future.

Career or Relationships

Work occupies one of the main places in many people’s lives. Almost every person wants to fulfill her/himself professionally, become independent or just do what she/he loves. But it is possible to meet a soulmate while building a career. The first feeling of joy and love inspires; however, sooner or later you will face a problem of combining relationships and work. It’s great if you can evenly distribute time between these things important for you. Then you will enjoy working, and spend evenings, weekends, holidays and vacations with your loved one.

Pros of choosing a career:

  • you become financially independent;
  • you have the opportunity to devote your life to your favorite thing;
  • you can earn credibility and respect of colleagues;
  • you broaden your horizons.


  • no free time;
  • stress and overwork;
  • family conflicts;
  • excessive competition.

Unfortunately, the rhythm of modern life simply prevents you from falling in love, looking for a soulmate, spending time with each other. Often people clearly set a system of priorities: first studying, preferably at a prestigious university, then searching for an equally prestigious job. After that comes the career growth period. It seems to the person he or she will soon get promoted once again, solve the housing problem, and only then think about creating a family.

Is It Possible to be Successful in Relationships and Work

Often people have to choose between career success and perfect relationships with their chosen one. Not everyone succeeds in maintaining harmony. In general, is it possible to maintain a healthy loving relationship combined with work?

Asking this relevant question, scientists from the University of Toronto conducted a special survey among 1800 men and women — workaholics and careerists. And they found out that the successful work of the majority literally destroys family relationships. Almost half of the respondents admitted they could no longer distinguish the border between home and work. Moreover, often people endure office conflicts and stresses at home which leads to breakups and quarrels. This means that success at work leads to problems in romantic relationships.

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