How to Remain Yourself in Relationship

Being in a relationship is always a challenge as many people are seeking to change something in their partners. To always remain a real woman, with your dreams and wishes, ask yourself at least these simple questions: What would you like to feel? Who you would like to be?

It is more than important to remain relaxed, — with your goals, hobbies, self-expression and in relations with friends. Being who you are or even better, means that the man by your side is the one who reflects your needs and is sensitive to your aspirations. There is still a question about how to reach this result, and there are several points to think about:

1) Set your boundaries

When you set boundaries, a man perceives ​​by who you are, learns to know what can and cannot be done. The more naturally you act, the bigger the chance you have to build strong long-lasting relationships in which it is very easy to remain yourself.

2) Act naturally

Some women maintain the illusion of “happiness”. They are very dependent on the opinions of the other; therefore, they suffer a lot from it. Having lived with a man for about 3 years, they feel a real dilemma: I can’t stay in a relationship because it will finally ruin my personality, but I can’t leave because I want to be with this person, but in a new way.

But some real women openly show their desires, and the universe falls at her feet. This is the type of women who are absolutely happy in their relationship and choose a man as their life partner, who respects her boundaries, interests, time, desires and is very grateful to the fact that such a unique, interesting and sexy woman spends her living on a joint relationship with him, and not with someone else.

3) Don’t try to be comfortable

You skillfully use the sexual techniques, and the wardrobe is filled with erotic lingerie. You do this because you are expecting that all efforts, all tension and sacrifices, as a long-term contribution are invested in your strong future relationship.

You expect that the man will begin to do the same for you, that he will make incredible gifts, but this does not happen because it is an illusion. In reality, there is you, always expecting something and a man who is not hurrying to change his lifestyle. He’s doing very well because you did your best to make everything perfect!

So, these three simple methods will help you to build a good relationship with a man. Just be yourself and keep track of your personal red lines.

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