Why Do Psychologists Advise Spending More Time on Each Other?

Psychologists usually say that men and women should take time for each other. However, there is a question of how to do it, if the man is constantly at work, while the woman is busy with children and household duties? How to find time for each other if work, housework, and children take all their energy?

However, there is a simple point to think about: this time will never remain if you do not change your daily life. Unfortunately, most couples are going through this difficult stage in their relationship, which in many cases ends with a divorce. It turns out that the people who did the best for the children — graduated them, earned money, and came to the conclusion that their relationship was destroyed simply because they did not have time for each other. This is the reason why it is so important.

The Challenges

For the first time alone, without the usual duties, couples can start quarreling: a lot of things have accumulated. Instead of taking pleasure in communication, they get rid of emotional blockages. But if they continue to work on their relationship, they gradually will get used to it.

Children begin to respect the right of parents to go somewhere alone. They understand that parents are non-maintenance personnel who carry, feed, take care of everything. It turns out they have their own interests. They can safely go to a café or a violin concert. In this way, you show that adult life has value.

How to Start Rebuilding the Relationship?

It would be nice when people while expecting their first child are having somebody to leave the kid with. You should not feel in the way as the child took all the time and forces and that they did not remain on the husband. It doesn’t matter if it’s about one child, two or three.

Maintaining a good relationship requires special efforts. Spouses need to make it a rule to take a break from everyday life and devote some time to strengthen the relationship.

Often people find the time, opportunities, understand what to do when the relationship has already given an irreparable crack. But it is better not to allow it. We must think about tomorrow now.

In Conclusion

Relations are built over the years, constantly changing under various circumstances, but the most important thing is to keep respect, attention, and love for each other through the whole life path. Your children will see your attitude, learning from you, and teach their children the same.

So, ask yourself: what would you like to advise your children? What attitude do you expect to have from your spouse? What is the way to build strong family ties? The answer is simple and clear: take your time to spend it with your woman or man, and you will see the positive results very soon.

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